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Starting the Editing Process

To edit a Track you've already made, click on Login to Make or Edit a Track on the TrackStar home page. This will take you to the login page. Enter your e-mail address and password, and click on Login. You can see the form below.

This is an image of the returning users login fields.  One field says Enter your email address and the other field says enter your password. There is also a login button at the bottom of the form.


This will take you to the My Account page, as shown in the image below. The My Account page lists all the Tracks you have made.

Image of the My Account page which has a list of Tracks made by the user, allows them to make new  Tracks, manage old ones.  It also lists user's account information, messages, TrackPacks, and Collections.

Click on the Manage My Tracks button, when you want to edit an existing Track in your account. As shown in the image below, each Track has an Edit button in the form of a Pencil icon. Click on the Pencil to Edit the Track of your choice.

You can also edit a Track directly from the Track itself (rather than from your account home page). The front page of your Track contains an Edit Track link in the lower right-hand corner of the window. Please see the image below, which shows the front page of Track 209504, a Track on math.

This image shows the Edit Track link on the bottom of the individual Track's front page

When you click Edit Track on your Track's front page, you will need to enter your login information and then you will be taken to the Editing Your Track form, whose layout is identical to the Make a Track page. The top of the page looks like this. Notice that the title of your Track and all of the other information is already completed in the form.

This is an image showing the top of Editing Your Track form

In the Editing Your Track form, make any changes you want to the Track information and description. To edit your link titles, URLs, and annotations, click the Next button as shown in the image above, and this will take you to your Track Update page. Should you need to return to this page at any time after you clicked Next, please use the blue Back button provided by TrackStar and not your browser back button.

Editing Links and Annotations

The Track Update page allows you to instantly see all the links in your Track, and provides a real-time preview of the pages and annotations in the form, so it requires a browser that is Javascript enabled (such as Netscape Navigator 2.0 and up, and Internet Explorer 3.0 and up).

An Explanation of the Form

When you are on your Track Update page, you'll see a form like the one below.

This is an image of the Track Update form for one link.

You can use the tools on this page to perform many different editing functions to your Track. Each site you list will have these tools available for your use. TheThis is an image of the up arrow. icon which is a blue arrow pointing up.up arrow will move the current site you are working on up one level. For example, if you want to move your Site #2 to the Site #1 position then you can click this arrow and it will move Site #2 up one level to replace Site #1. Site #1 then is renamed Site #2. TheThis is an image of the down arrow icon which is a blue arrow pointing down. down arrow is just the opposite of the up arrow. It moves the current site down one level. The This is an image of the delete icon which is a red x. red x will delete the current site. For instance if you click on the delete icon while you are on Site #2, then just Site #2 will be permanently deleted. The This is an image of the TrackPack Out icon which looks like a backpack with a small blue arrow pointing to the left of the pack. TrackPack Out will add a link in that you have previously stored in your TrackPack.The This is an image of the TrackPack in icon which looks like a backpack with a small blue arrow pointing to the right of the pack. TrackPack In will add the current link you are working on to your TrackPack as well as in the Track you are working on. To learn more about TrackPack and its uses, please visit the TrackPack help pages. The This is an image of the preview icon which is a magnifying glass. magnifying glass will allow you to see a preview of the site you are linking to in a new window, which lets you check to make sure that all your links are working properly.
Note: If you choose to remove links by clicking the Delete button, you will notice that a blank space is left in your Track. Once you are done editing the Track and click Save, the system will know to automatically erase those blanks in your Track.

You may also choose to just click in the text fields located under each site you originally added in order to edit the Title, URL, or Annotations for each site. Just click in the text fields and type like you normally would if you were using a word processor.

This form also accepts HTML code. For example, an annotation entered into the box as this:






will show up in your Track as this:

  • red
  • blue
  • purple

When you are completely finished editing the links in a Track, please click the Save button either at the top or bottom of the page. By clicking Save, you save changes to the TrackStar server.



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