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Andy Warhol and Pop Art
Annotations by Ms. Koopman
Track #194672
Format: Extended learning
Let's look at Andy Warhol's silkscreen prints, graphic images, and portraits, and use what we see and learn to inspire our own Pop Art Portraits, using the incredible program called Photoshop, a digital camera, and scanner.
Jim Dine and His Pop Art Hearts
Annotations by Ms. Koopman
Track #191288
Format: Extended learning
Using one of Jim Dine's themes: hearts, explore the concept of artists creating a series of artworks based on one image or idea. After viewing this Track, and answering the questions on the worksheet, your class will create a series of artworks based on the heart.
Art History Now
Annotations by Ms. Koopman
Track #252706
Format: Worksheet
How times have changed! Studying art history today is as easy as searching the Internet! Many museums now present their collections on-line; students can acccess images from all eras and cultures all around the world. Students can investigate artworks in great detail, research both historical and contemporary artists, movements, styles, and easily cross reference artists' biographies.
Researching the Internet to create a presentation about your chosen artist.
Annotations by Ms. Koopman
Track #306211
Format: Resource list
You have chosen or been assigned a visual artist to research, as your final project for 7th grade art, Fall 2006. Using the power of the internet, you will search for information about your artist: biographical info, geographical, social and cultural influences, etc. You will record the information and use it to present your findings to the class. Look at this like a getting-to-know you activity, you want to find out all about your artist so you will add to your art knowledge and then shar that knowledge with others/
Travel to Art Museums Around the World
Annotations by Ms. Koopman
Track #250125
Format: Worksheet
<font face="times new roman, times, serif">Travel to art museums all over the United States and the World!</font>


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