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Voices from the Past: 1860-1900 in the South
Annotations by Susan Piper
Track #213528
Format: Resource list
This track is second in a series of three tracks that explore the African American experience in the south before, during and after the American Civil War. This particular track looks at the Civil War era and the attitudes and reactions of individuals and the government.
Gee's Bend Alabama in the Context of Southern History
Annotations by Susan Piper
Track #213541
Format: Extended learning
This track may be used as a stand-alone track for gaining perspective on a small, southern community. It may also be used to gain an understanding of the community that produced the now famous "Gee's Bend Quilts." My students use it dually as part of a unit on southern history as well as the predecessor to a study of the artistic nature of the quilts from Gee's Bend.
Voices from the Past:: African Americans in the South 1900- Present
Annotations by Susan Piper
Track #213530
Format: Resource list
This track is the third in a series of tracks that allow students to explore the history of African Americans in the South. This third track takes a look in particular at 1900 through the present in Alabama (my students live in Albama so this is particularly relevant).
Voices From the Past: The Pre-Civil War South
Annotations by Susan Piper
Track #213385
Format: Resource list
I developed this track for ELL/ESL students, but it could be used by any students. Students may use this as a resource for collecting information about southern history, specifically as it relates to women and African Americans in Alabama. It may be used congruently with units on enslavement throughout world history. I use it following a study of the World War II oppression of Koreans by the Japanese government and the oppression of Jews during the Holocaust. This study additionally looks at the art that has been both created and inspired by enslaved peoples.


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