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Track #270001
Format: Extended learning
<p><font face="times new roman, times, serif" size="3">Seasons of the year are important to Earth.  This track will give students information about the solar system and how</font><font face="times new roman, times, serif"><font size="3"> Earth's tilt affects the seasons of the year. The students will learn about the four seasons of the year and the different positions of the Sun throughout the year.   The goal of this track is for students to be able to answer quesitons about the seasons of the year and the affects of Earth's tilt on the seasons of the year.</font>  </font></p>
Annotations by Jennifer Gray
Track #303023
Format: Resource list
These sites off the students a chance to practice their grammar skills in an interactive way.&nbsp;Three of the sites&nbsp;are completely interactive while the other site offers the children information, but little interaction.&nbsp; The sites levels of questioning are low-level.&nbsp; However, in order to complete the games the students must apply the knowledge that he or she has learned.&nbsp; I would use these sites for whole group, small group, remediation, and independent practice.&nbsp; These sites are useful for all of these instruction types.&nbsp;


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