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Track #276539
Format: Resource list
A unit on measurement for grades 5-8.
Nuts! Nuts! Nuts!
Annotations by Myra Stowers
Track #271531
Format: Resource list
A nut sorting activity for k-3.  The students will be divided into groups.  They will have almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, and pecans or any combination of nuts.  They will first sort according to type of nut.  They will then find other ways to sort the nuts as a group.  Each group will then use a flex-cam to show one of their sorts and the other students will try to determine the way the nuts are sorted.  We will then compare the shape of the nuts to the shells and determine which one it came from.  We will taste the nuts and choose a favorite.   We will graph the results and write an experience sentence.


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