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African American Culture
Annotations by susie sloan
Track #20342
Format: Resource list
Our school is located in a very rural, non-diverse community. 90 percent of my students have never been exposed to African Americans or their culture. This unit offers a wealth of material to use over an extented period of time. It also addresses the learning gap and the content standard which states, Framework for History: The student will examine the roles and contributions made by African Americans.
Memorization of Multiplication
Annotations by susie sloan
Track #20339
Format: Resource list
This track has been created to help the students in my third grade with the memorization of the multiplication facts. The students will be doing multiplication problems and hopefully be having fun at the same time.
Parts of Speech
Annotations by susie sloan
Track #20340
Format: Resource list
This track will provide the teacher with many fun activities to teach parts of speech. FRAMEWORK STANDARDS: The student will develop the reading skills necessary for word recognition, comprehension, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of the written text. The student will recognize and demonstrate appropriate use of standard English: usage, mechanics, spelling, and sentence structure.
Solar System
Annotations by susie sloan
Track #20341
Format: Resource list
Teachers and students will enjoy the multitude of hands-on activities about the solar system. FRAMEWORK STANDARDS: The goal is to enable students to demonstrate the processes of science by posing questions and investigating phenomena through language, methods and instruments of science. Observing is a process used to develop an awareness of the surrounding environment. Initial information and prior knowledge are used to ask questions. A model is a representation used to simplify complex phenomena.


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