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Educational needs of the Visually Impaired
Annotations by tori clausen
Track #43965
Format: Resource list
Visual impairment is classified and discussed. Students who are visually impaired can succeed in educational systems where appropriate instruction and services are provided in a full array of program options by qualified staff to address each student's unique educational needs.
Understanding reading comprehension difficulties
Annotations by tori clausen
Track #38296
Format: Resource list
Difficulty in reading comprehension may be due to a variety of reasons. In this presentation we look at the necessary steps which must be performed simultaneously to read. Reading is more than just recognizing words. If the brain is unable to form images or relate new ideas to those stored in memory, the reader can't understand or remember the concepts. Warning signs to recognize these problems are outlined, as well as suggestions for techniques in teaching students with this learning disability.
African American Cultural Bias in Educational Assessments
Annotations by tori clausen
Track #33843
Format: Resource list
It is important that educators recognize cultural differences of the students to ensure that ethnicity is not mistaken for education exceptionality. Awareness of the diversity enables one to adapt one's teaching, as well as testing, strategies to meet the challenges of providing the quality of education all students deserve.


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