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Spanish II--Vocabulary & Structure Review
Annotations by Ron Ramage
Track #18564
Format: Resource list
All aspects of learning a second language must be reviewed periodically or the student of language loses some of them. This track gives students practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking. It also reviews vocabulary and structure from first and early second year studies, while dealing with topics near and dear to the hearts of teens----food and bodies.
Basic Vocabulary Reminder
Annotations by Ron Ramage
Track #18562
Format: Resource list
Since students have such a hard time recalling vocabulary that they do not use everyday, then we need some way to refresh their memories periodically, and that is what this track endeavors to do....give us the tools to "re-introduce" our students previously learned material through a different venue. Once again they will be given the opportunity to explore new vocabulary, use it, compare it to their own language, and hopefully make it their own. This track will address the following content standard: Tennessee Modern Foreign Languages:4.1--Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparison of language studied and their own. This track also addresses the questions from the profiler presurvey numbers:5, 14, et al.
Spanish Culture & Review
Annotations by Ron Ramage
Track #18563
Format: Resource list
This track is designed to help overcome student resistance that the study of Spanish has no relation to the real world. Students will place language into its cultural context as well as review basic vocabulary and structure, making the language easier to use in real-life situations.


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