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Country Information for Immigration
Annotations by Debbie Raukar
Track #697
Format: Resource list
This site is used by sixth grade middle school students to research for their immigration unit during their computer class. When students have gathered the information and filled it out in their country information sheets, they will create a PowerPoint multimedia presentation complete with pictures and sound. The six participating countries are: Europe: Poland, Italy, Ireland, Norway, and Germany Asia: China <p> Keywords: immigration, migration,
Special needs hardware and software
Annotations by Debbie Raukar
Track #850
Format: Resource list
This site is designed to assist parents and teachers in search of computer hardware and software needs for students with learning disabilities, autism, blind/visual impairments, and physically impairments. This site also provides information for the type of computers, software, and hardware that could create the least restrictive environment for a special needs students in the classroom and home.


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