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Deaf Culture as Expressed Through Art
Annotations by Laura Buehner
Track #118141
Format: Resource list
This track gives a brief overview of how visual, performance, and written art forms are used by the Deaf Community. A scavenger hunt encourages exploration of websites to experience these cultural arts firsthand, and additional links introduce individual deaf artists and celebrities.
Research & Reports in Multicultural Special Education
Annotations by Laura Buehner
Track #117593
Format: Resource list
Although the majority of language minority students are not learning disabled, many may have special linguistic needs which directly affect their ability to learn and succeed in an English dominant society. These links describe research and findings in various areas that seek ways to accurately identify these needs and determine how they can best be met.
Multicultural Perspectives in Special Education
Annotations by Laura Buehner
Track #117424
Format: Resource list
As American society continues to grow in diversity, special education needs for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds need to be an increasing area of focus for educators. Overrepresentation of ethnic and linguistic minorities in SPED placement, as well as late diagnosis of learning disabilities due to language differences are but two serious areas of concern. Both point to the need for more accurate identification and assessment of special needs in a multicultural setting. Other critical areas include determining effective methods and appropriate curriculum to maximize the learning potential of these students. Awareness of cultural differences and their implications in the educational setting are also imperative so that educators can show sensitivity and communicate effectively with the families of all students with special needs. The websites and links found on this page provide information and resources that address these issues and more, as we examine the complex subject of multiculturalism as it applies to special education.
Curriculum Guidelines and Program Standards for Special Education in a Multicultural Setting
Annotations by Laura Buehner
Track #117444
Format: Resource list
These links offer guidelines for appropriate materials and placement for students with special needs from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.
Special Education Assessment for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
Annotations by Laura Buehner
Track #117441
Format: Resource list
These sites provide information and access to diagnostic tools designed to assess special needs in students from diverse backgrounds.


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