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Endangered Primates
Annotations by Cristina Vickery
Track #193592
Format: Extended learning
This Track will provide links that concern endangered primates of the world. By clicking on the Web sites available, vistors will be able to learn more about these endangered primates and what measures to take in order to prevent their extinction. More than half of all extant primate species are, to some degree, at risk of becoming extinct. Human activities such as deforestation, hunting, and the pet trade pose serious threats to wild populations. As with all endangered species, in order to save wild primates from extinction more protected areas must be established in their native habitats. This is ultimately the only conservation strategy that will insure their survival in the wild. The key to conservation is education.
A Guide to Understanding World Religions
Annotations by Cristina Vickery
Track #118843
Format: Extended learning
Our world consists of many different people and beliefs. This diversity brings great richness to our lives. Learning and gaining awareness about world religions will encourage tolerance and understanding. This Track will provide insight into the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It will explain the origins, beliefs, and practices of these religions.
Egypt: The Great Legacy.
Annotations by Cristina Vickery
Track #118452
Format: Extended learning
Ancient Egypt was of great historical significance and continues to impact our lives today. This track provides information about Egyptian life. Educate yourself about topics such as the routines of daily life, religion, burial customs, the building of pyramids, the role of pharaohs, the writing system of hieroglyphics and the chronology of momentous events. Enjoy an exciting adventure into one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world.


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