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Asperger Syndrome
Annotations by Jennifer Cizdziel
Track #178464
Format: Resource list
In recent years the number of students diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS) has considerably increased. Since students with AS have average intellectual levels many are able to receive their education in general education classrooms and are able to succeed with minimal support. Thus, general education teachers are primarily responsible for educating students with AS and it is important that these teachers are familiar with the characteristics of AS and how it will affect the childÂ’s academic and social behaviors. It is also essential that teachers know practices and strategies to use with students who have AS. This Track is designed to provided teachers with a starting point to learning about AS.
Severe and Multiple Disabilities
Annotations by Jennifer Cizdziel
Track #174745
Format: Resource list
Effectively teaching students who have severe and/or multiple disabilities can be challenging. It is important that teachers and those who will be working with these students understand the definitions, characteristics and implications of severe and multiple disabilities. They also need to be familiar with activities to use with the students and methods to help evaluate the programs. This Track is designed as a resource to help teachers accomplish this task.
Inclusion of Special Education Students
Annotations by Jennifer Cizdziel
Track #165884
Format: Resource list
Inclusion of students into the school community is important to the successful education of students with disabilities. It is important to have a clear definition and understanding of what inclusion means and the outcomes/effects of it on students with disabilities and students with out disabilities. This track is designed as a resource to accomplish this step. Resources provided will help you gain a clear picture of inclusion and the positive effects of inclusion programs.


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