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Enter terms, e.g., math money, to find all tracks that have the terms math or money.

Enter a phrase, e.g., "civil war", to find all tracks that have the phrase civil war.

Track titles, descriptions, keywords, site titles and annotations are searched. Tracks that are deemed more relevant to the search criteria will appear first in the results.

Select specific formats, subjects and/or grades to restrict your search. Leaving the checkboxes unchecked is the same as checking them all.


Wildcard Searches: use ? to match a single letter or * to match zero or more letters. Wildcards may not be used at the beginning of a term. For example, to match the terms text and test use te?t or to match the terms test, tests, tester, etc. use test*.

Fuzzy Searches: use ~ to match terms similar in spelling. For example, roam~ to match the terms foam and roams.

Combinations: use AND or OR to combine search terms. For example to require both terms math and money use math AND money. Use + to mark terms as required and use - to mark terms that should not appear in a matching track. For example to find tracks that contain Kansas but not Kansas City use +Kansas -"Kansas City".

Grouping: you may use parentheses to group combinations of terms to achieve the desired result. For example to find tracks that contain the terms math and either money or currency use math AND (money OR currency).


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