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Sarah, Plain and Tall
Track # 20070
Annotations by:  Susan Goss
 Track Category
Intermediate (3-4)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Mar 24, 2000
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 Track Description
This track will help students develop critical reading, creative witing, and higher level thinking skills as they read and do activities on the Newbery Award winning book, Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. A Tennessee Curriculum Frameworks Content for Reading in grades 3-5 states: "The student will develop the reading skills necessary for word recognition, comprehension, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of the written text." Learning expectations for this standard include the following: (1) Experience and develop interest in literature which includes multicultural, gender, and ethnic diversity. (2)Use a variety of reading strategies. (3) Improve comprehension by interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating written text. (4) Read orally to develop fluency, expression, accuracy, and confidence. (5) Develop skills in making inferences and recognizing unstated assumptions. (6) Identify and interpret figurative language.
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