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Track # 22732
Annotations by:  Jacqueline Boulware
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Intermediate (3-4)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Mar 24, 2000
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This Track will address Language Arts Curriculum Framework , Reading in cluster 3-5. Students will be using a variety of ways including the Internet to improve comprehension by analyzing, synthesizing, interpreting, and evaluating(State Standards) the text from SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL. I plan to use technology skills called for in the standards to facilitate learning. Our class learning gap is with story elements, inferred relationships, and theme. I chose this unit because it brings details in the text out to the forefront for students to research. They wil be able to predict and use higher level thinking to write an ending chapter and a convincing letter to Sarah. A book review will help them appreciate a brief summary and history of the book. The use of a Venn Diagram will have them use research and recall from text. These writing tasks will help students analyze and synthesize information they've read and use it for assignments.
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