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Tracking Olympic Records over the Last 100 Years
Track # 230106
Annotations by:  Heather Ferguson
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Middle (5-9)
Social Sciences
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May 6, 2010
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Are we quicker, are we enhanced, have we gained strength since we first competed in the Olympics? Compare the records of gold medal Olympic winners for the last 100 years and decide. This will be due at the end of the Unit.

This is your task:

  1. Choose an olympic event from the site at the end of this list.
  2. Plot each event on a 2 dimensional graph.
    • Put the years on the horizontal axis
    • Put the statistics on the vertical axis.
    • Be sure to use a scale that's appropriate for your event.
  3. Analyze your data.
    • What trends did you notice?
    • Were there any years that didn't fit the overall pattern?
  4. Share your results with 3 other people.
    • Did your trend match their trends?
    • Did they have any data that didn't fit their pattern?
  5. Write about what you found.
    • What was your event?
    • What was the pattern you found?
    • Did anyone else share your pattern?
    • Try to explain the pattern you found. Why do you think it happened?
    • Can you find an equation which describes the pattern of your data?
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