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Annotations by:  Nicole Means
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High School (9-12)
Social Sciences
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Oct 29, 2013
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Is human activity bringing about alarming global warming scenarios and related catastrophes? Or is such thinking a myth brought about by incomplete science? Finding these answers has turned global warming into a controversial issue.  Most scientists agree that the Earth's temperature has risen over the past century and that carbon dioxide is one of the primary greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. However, scientists disagree as to whether or not global climate change is a normal environmental variation, and over how big of a problem global warming will become for the planet.

There are two sides to the issue:

1.        Believer—sees the urgency of the global warming crisis and its threat to our environment.  If this is your side, then you must provide evidence of why global warming is a problem, environmental impacts, and what can be done to stop it. You must convince the reader that global warming will harm the environment, animals, and humans that live in it.


2.        Skeptic—is skeptical about the effects of global warming. Although aware of the idea of global warming, the skeptic does not believe global warming is as serious as threat as the believer. If this is your side, include evidence that global warming does not pose as serious of a threat as proposed by Al Gore.  How can new laws designed to stop global warming actually hurt businesses?

 After exploring various Internet sites which portray various viewpoints about global warming, we will discuss Global Warming using the Socratic Seminar. As you research the links in this track,  you will write down any information that will be helpful during our discussion. Make sure you write down FIVE lingering questions about global warming. You may discuss these during the seminar.  


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