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Heat Islands
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Annotations by:  Karan Wood
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Middle (5-9)
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Jul 3, 2008
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Note: This track is a student resource for "Heat Islands", a middle school Earth Science lesson created by The Clean Air Campaign.  In the lesson, students measure air temperature above different types of surface materials, to determine causes of the heat island effect.  Visit www.cleanaircampaign.com or the Georgia Learning Connections Web site to find the full text of the lesson plan, along with a student Lab Report form and Scoring Rubric.

Homework Assignment  Research possible solutions to the problems created by urban heat islands (such as increased ozone and smog formation, increased demand for energy to power air conditioners, leading to increased power plant emissions, and increased carbon dioxide as trees are replaced by paved and roofed surfaces).

Identify three promising strategies for reducing, mitigating or preventing heat island effects and create a poster to highlight these solutions.

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