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Religious Tolerance Project
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Annotations by:  Nicole Means
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High School (9-12)
Social Sciences
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Feb 27, 2014
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  1.  Each group will be assigned one of the following religions:

            A.  Hinduism                               D. Judaism

            B.Buddhism                                  E. Islam

            C. Christianity                  F.Hinduism 

2. You will be working in groups to create a Historical Tolerance Poster centered on your assigned religion:

  1. The information gathered for your poster must explain the value of tolerance from both religious and historic standpoints . For example: If  the assigned religion is Judaism, the group may want to include information about the religious tolerance granted to the Jews under ancient Greek rule.
  2. The following questions will help in the research process:

 A.Where and when was did this religion originate?

 B. Who is the founder of this religion?

 C.What are the basic beliefs of the religion?

 D. What are some holidays/celebrations of this religion? Why are they significant?

 E.What are some unique aspects of this religion?

 F. What is the population of this religion today? 10 years ago? 50 years ago? 100 years ago?

G.  In what part of the world is your religion most widespread? (name specific countries)

H.Has this religion ever underwent persecution or persecuted another religious group? Explain.

I. Is this religion involved in political conflict? Explain

 All group members of the group should take notes on their group’s discussion responses and research findings. Once research is completed, students should work together to create religious poster.

Posters should include information that explains the history of religious tolerance and intolerance for that religion and include information and images. You may draw any symbols that are significant to that religion.

Neatness counts!! Posters will be displayed in the hallway!!!

  After students present their information, students will participate in the Religious Tolerance Forum. Students will act as "representatives" for their assigned religion in deciding the role that religion will play in the hypothetical country.

The following websites will be helpful in your research:

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