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Child Soldiers in Africa
Track # 256130
Annotations by:  Nicole Means
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High School (9-12)
Social Sciences
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Mar 2, 2006
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Students will complete a research project to gain better understanding of the use of child soldiers. Sutdents will be divided into groups where they will each choose a different country in Africa to focus on. Studetns will be required to gather the following information about their specific countries"

Based on their research, students will create an educational poster about child soldiers. Students will be assessed for their abilities to work collaboratively with group members during the research process.  While students present their information to the class, the rest of the class will answer the following questions:

A. What country has done the most to eliminate child soldiers?
B. What else can be done to eliminate the use of child soldiers?
C. Is enough being done to eliminate the use of child soldiers?

HELPFUL TIP: Your oral presentation should include all the same information that is on your poster. Consider yourself the expert on the country you have focused on. ALL group members MUST participate in the oral presentation.


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