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Endangered Species
Track # 275288
Annotations by:  Frances Brady
 Track Category
Intermediate (3-4)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Feb 9, 2011
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 Track Description

Students will use this TrackStar to learn about endangered species.  Students will use various web pages to learn exactly what an endangered species is, and why they are endangered, as well as what they can do to help.  Students will also find out what species are endangered in Louisiana and complete a book/multi-media presentation about the endangered species which they have chosen.  Hopefully the URL sites selected will shorten the time needed to help you collect information for your project.  Criteria for the project includes:

  1. There will be only one student per species (animal on the endangered species list).
  2. The student is to collect information, according to project guidelines.
  3. Student is to create their book report and/or presentation and present to the class.
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