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Track # 276441
Annotations by:  Alexandra Clines
 Track Category
Middle (5-9)
Last Modified:
Oct 5, 2011
 Track Description

This is a quest to find factual information about sound waves, pitch and frequency. 

It covers the following Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks

Grades 3-5 Physical Sciences

Sound Energy

1.        Recognize that sound is produced by vibrating objects and requires a medium through which to travel. Relate the rate of vibration to the pitch of the sound.

·         Use tuning forks to demonstrate the relationship between vibration and sound.


·         Design and construct a telephone (prototype) using a variety of materials, e.g., paper cups, string, tin cans, and wire. Determine which prototype works best. Discuss possible reasons. (T/E 1.1, 1.2,  2.2, 2.3)


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