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Earth, Moon, and Sun Portfolio Project
Track # 379258
Annotations by:  Carolynn Mortensen
 Track Category
Middle (5-9)
Last Modified:
Jun 12, 2009
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 Track Description
You will be completing a portfolio this week. Each component of the portfolio will be a grade.
1. To begin, read these instructions first.
2. Once you've read the instruction, click on "View in Frames" below.
3. Complete the activities in the order they are provided in the track.
4. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly. For instance, be sure to put the exact title as provided in the instructions.
5. If confused, be sure to review the instructions.
6. When you finish one activity completely, move on to the next activity.
7. When you have completed the portfolio, you will have reviewed critical information for the Earth, Moon, and Sun components of the TAKS test.
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