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Native Americans
Track # 38996
Annotations by:  Marla Smithson
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Primary (K-2)
Social Sciences
Last Modified:
Jan 10, 2001
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This track is designed for first grade. Student activities will include studying the geography of the different tribes, the role of Native Americans as it applies to our early country's history, and some cultural traits/practices. The students will also be exposed to literature and legends about Native Americans, and they will make several Native American art projects. The track meets the stated learning gap that the students will gain knowledge in understanding the role of Native Americans in history as well as understanding the cultural diversity as compared with the students' own culture. As well, the track meets the K-12 Tennessee Curriculum standard for Social Studies which states that students will exhibit a knowledge of history identifying and describing major events, people, and trends. The track also meets our School Improvement Plan goal to become more proficient in the area of Social Studies. Finally, the track addresses several of the Profiler survey areas such as learning a topic as completely as possible, using the internet to research topics, and demonstrating what they know about topics.
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