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Stone Fox
Track # 39183
Annotations by:  Jackie Sherlin
 Track Category
Intermediate (3-4)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Jan 16, 2001
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 Track Description
The stated Learning gap is reading comprehension. The unit "Stone Fox" was chosen because it requires the students to read a novel and then engage in activities that will improve their comprehension. The 3-5 Language Arts cluster Reading content standard states that the student will develop the reading skills necessary for word recognition,comprehension, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of the written text. I chose this unit because it allowed my students to use the Internet, a need identified in my pre-survey. Short-term success will be measured by increase of internet use, increase in student's reading unit test and a teacher created rubric, found at the end of this track. Long-term success will be measured by comparing my Terra Nova median reading scores to the county's Terra Nova median reading scores.
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