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Snow Treasure
Track # 46142
Annotations by:  Susan Phipps
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Intermediate (3-4)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Feb 22, 2005
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The Fourth Grade students will read the novel, Snow Treasure. We will use the initial track to choose three reading activities. Some of the activites include doing a KWL on a related subject, literary devices from the story, and various writing activities related to the story. Learner Expectations include: experience and develop interest in literature which include multicultural, gender, and ethnic diversity; Apply a variety of reading strategies and extend reading vocabulary utilizing sight words, phonetic, structural analysis, context; and Improve comprehension by interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating written text. Results from the Profiler Teacher Pre-Survey indicate that my students need to increase their ability to answer questions or practice skills on the Internet.
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