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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMPH by Robert C. O'Brien
Track # 47775
Annotations by:  Diana Pennington
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Middle (5-9)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Apr 21, 2001
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This unit was designed for sixth grade as a teaching guide for the book which is part of our curriculum materials, but it could be adapted for other grade levels. The STAR test was given to determine the learning gap, and 76% of the class are below grade level. I must use all my resources to improve these students reading ability. The primary concentration of this unit is the content standard area of language arts. The skills covered include basic understanding vocabulary, details, sequence of events, main idea, conclusion, and cause and effect. The pre-survey indicated that my students needed activities that would improve independent learning, practice setting goals, comparing their work to standards and checking their progress against their goals. These types of activities also allow students to use their preferred learning style to achieve a higher level of understanding at their own level. This unit will help students increase their level of comprehension and will link interesting activities to learning.
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