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Track #359442: Human Body System - Skeletal System
Annotated by: Kristina Holzweiss
1. Skeleton

Write 5 interesting facts that you have learned about the skeleton.

2. Human Anatomy Online

Name 5 parts of the skeletal system.  Describe what each part does.

3. Map of the Skeletal System

Put the joints and unusual bones in the right places.  Make a list of the 10 bones that you learned about, and give an interesting fact about each.

4. Bones

Identify each of the following parts of a bone:

  1. perlosteum
  2. compact (hard) bone
  3. cancellous (spongy) bone
  4. bone marrow

Are bones solid?  Explain your answer.

5. Joints

Describe how each of the following joints moves.  Indicate where each joint is located in the body.

  1. ball and socket joint
  2. ellipsoidal joint
  3. fixed joint
  4. gliding joint
  5. hinge joint
  6. pivot joint
  7. saddle joint
  8. slightly movable joint
  9. spine joints
  10. fixed joints

6. Quiz on the Skeletal System

Take a quiz on the skeletal system to see how much you have learned.

7. Virtual Hip Replacement

Pretend you are a doctor and perform a hip replacement.

8. For Further Information About the Skeletal System

This is a great place to begin your research if you have chosen to do your project on the skeletal system.

Identify 3 conditions of the skeletal system.

9. Tus Huesos

Learn about the bones in Spanish.

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