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Track #9848: GA History Project - Primer on the Korean War
Annotated by: Al Jacobs
1. Where is Korea?

Follow these steps: (a) Type Japan into the search window and GO. Then click on Japan, country, Asia.
Answer these questions:
1. How far away from Japan is South Korea?
2. How far away from China is South Korea?
Now arrow West and look at China.
3. What is the capital city of China?
Arrow East and zoom in on Korea.
4. What are 5 cities in South Korea?
5. What is the capital of S Korea?
5. What are 3 cities in North Korea?
6. What is the capital of N. Korea?

2. Warfare in Korea

Korea is a very mountainous and cold country that was very difficult to fight in. Look at these pictures and write a 5-6 sentence paragraph describing what you think that fighting in Korea would be like.

3. Heartbreak Ridge

Click on Chapter One.
Heartbreak Ridge was a particularly difficult fight in Korea. Read this account of the author's trip to Heartbreak Ridge and write a paragraph describing why you think he wanted to make the very difficult trip.

4. The DMZ(Demilitarized Zone)

Although a ceasefire was signed in Korea, the war never really stopped and American soldiers still patrol the DMZ in Korea. Read this and describe in a paragraph what the DMZ looks like today.

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