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Track #1278: Computer Access for the People with Disabilities
Annotated by: Kathy Slater
1. Accessibility Support

This site contains several useful links. Here are just a few I would suggest to get you started. To return to this page after reading one of the links just click on the "back" comand. This home page post articles concerning Accessibility articles. These articles are updated often. Find one that interests you and write a short summary to share with a collegue. You may also want to go the Archived News (listed on the side) to find articles that were previously posted. Most computers already contain "Accessibility Options" in the control panel , but if you need to download it - click on search and type in AccessPack. You can also read about more options by following these steps : click on Accessibility and Microsoft ; then What is Accessibilty; then How Computers Are Accessible ( this on the right side of the screen)

2. Disability resources

This site has great resources for the Mac users. I will just suggest a few to get you started. Mac OS8 and Universal Access- for download info. Resources- for solutions about individuals with disabilities. Software library- look at some great programs. On line chat- have a questions this is the place to go. Have fun

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