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Track #160833: Hearing Imparied Related Resources
Annotated by: Elizabeth Buchanan
1. Glossary

This site lists helpful definitions that relate to special education and hearing impairment. It specifies acronyms, lists resources, and descrbies the services of audiology. This site is especially helpful for those who are not familiar with hearing impairment and the government's responsibility for providing appropriate education.

2. Youth with Special Needs

This site explains what hearing impairment means and lists ideas of how to help people communicate with those who are hearing impaired. It also suggests resources to refer to such as websites and The American Hearing Research Foundation.

3. Deaf Resources

This site explains what hearing impairment is, lists informative publications relating to hearing impairment, and other resources for those wanting to learn ahout hearing impairment. This would be helpful for teachers and community members who wish to become more educated on this matter.

4. Resource Materials and Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This site provides information such as curriculum resources, educational events for teachers, and technology resources which can assist in teaching hearing impaired students. This site is especially helpful for teachers.

5. Hearing Impaired Resources

This site provides information about the Deaf Resource Library, closed captioning technology, and assistive technology for the hearing impaired. This site also lists places where people can purchase the assistive technology. This site is especially helpful for teachers and families of the hearing impaired who are looking to improve the students' education through technology.

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