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Track #174596: Fever 1793
Annotated by: Donna Wenzel
1. History of Philadelphia

 1.  What were the 6 largest cities in the US in 1800?

2.  Go to Philadelphia History.  Who were the earliest settlers of Philadelphia?

3.  Go to Philadelphia Timeline.  In the year 1800, how many deaths were there from Aug-Nov?

2. A Short History of Coffee

1.  Who introduced coffee to North America?

2.  What helped coffee become a major drink in Colonial America?

3.  Go to Legends and History.  What card game originated in cafes in Constantinople?

4.  BONUS!  By what name is Constantinople known today?

3. 18th Century Clothing

4. Yellow Fever Epidemic

Includes info on African-American involvement.

5. A Short Account of the Malignant Fever

Contains information about Yellow Fever plus shows example of newspaper.

6. A Historian's View of Anderson's Fever 1793

7. Destroying Angel:

8. Virtual tour of Historic Philadelplhia

Architecture of historic buildings in Philadelphia, some built before 1793.

9. 18th Century Apparel / First Hand Accounts

Scroll down to where Mr. B talks about clothing in 18th century Philadelphia.

10. The Life of 18th Century Women

11. Life During the 18th-Century: Colonial Williamsburg

Contains info on African-American experience, clothing and more.

12. Info for Consumers: Yellow Fever

Contains information of the causes, diagnosis, treatment of yellow fever

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