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Track #292886: Exploration: How Environmental Changes May Alter the Evolution of Species
Annotated by: Sandra Gil
1. hummingbird

1. Read the background information:"Hummingbird Species in Transitional Zones." What drives the formation of a new species? Briefly review geographical and reproductive isolation. Using the example of the small lizard, the leaf-litter skink, described in the reading, would this organism's population represent an example of reproductive or geographic isolation and why? 2. How has the environment influenced the evolution of the lizard? 3. Double click on the video clip in Quick time-Hummingbird. View this video clip and explain which type of hummingbird was selected to survive in this environment. 4. What do you suppose would happen to this hummingbird species if the flower type was suddenly crowded out by an invasive species with a lesser deep flower? Give evidence for your hypothesis.

2. global warming

Click on the website selected. Read the article "Warming to Evolution". Read the introduction and "Where's the Evolution? " EACH OF THE SUCCEEDING QUESTIONS IS BASED ON THIS ARTICLE. 1. How does global warming cause evolution? (Explain in terms of natural selection? 2. A species may evolve due to a change in gene frequency in the populaton, for example, adapting to changes in seasonal timing. Using one of the examples given: Canadian squirrels, European great tits, the blackcap bird or the North American mosquito, explain how the organism is taking advantage or the change in season. 3. If global warming continues what type of organism could be faced with extinction? (State the general characteristics from this article.) 4. Double click "Global Warming 'altering genes'" What type of genetic trait may be selected for mosquitoes due to global warming? Additional questions: 1. How could global warming affect the evolutionary paths of different species? 2.the purpose of natural selection involves variation, inheritance, selection, and time. According to this article, which of these elements is affected by global warming and how it is affected? 3. Read "Hotsports for Evolution," which focuses on a different impact of global warming on evolution. According to that article, which aspect of natural selection (variation, inheritance, selection, or time) might be affected by global warming and how would it be affected? 4. What is phenotypic plasticity? Give one example of phenotypic plasticity described in the article and one example that is not described in the article. 5.According to this artiicle, which species are less likely to evolve in response to global warming and why? How might global warming impact those species?

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