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Track #293502: Using Adaptation Studies to Bridge Ecology with Evolution
Annotated by: Sandra Gil
1. Survival of the Sneakiest

Read the comic about crickets. Answer the four questions at the end of the comic.

2. Videoclip: The story of the newt and the snake

Click Evolution Library Click Adaptaton and Natural Selection in the left lower column. scroll down to" Adaptive Compromise:Toxic Newts Read the background information. Double click on the videoclip. View the clip. This is a videoclip about the coevolution of a toxic newt and a snake, a story of a prey predator relationship. See how the newt protects itself against the snake and how the snake against the newt. What are the limits of adaption? Draw a comic sequence to illustrate how both organisms in this story respond to the other organism-tell the story of how one organism's adaptations for survival bounce off the other organism. Answer this question: In your opinion what do you think will be the limits of evolution for either organism? Who will win this natural selection scramble-will it be the newt or the snake ? Explain. Next scroll up to the videoclip "A Mutation Story." Read the back-ground information. 1. What is the cause of sickle cell anemia in terms of genetics. 2. What is the relationship of sickle cell anemia to malaria? 3. How is the evolution of humans altered by the sickle cell gene?

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