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Track #345540: Greek and Roman Mythology Sites
Annotated by: Cassie Nelsen
1. Yahoo Kids Reference Page

Use this site to define key terms and/or listen to the pronunciation of names. Type in the following mythological names and listen to the pronunciation of each one. Orion, Merope, Dionysus, Cyclopes, Hephaestus, Apollo, Artemis. Before reading Ceres and Prosperina, look up these terms: barren, chariot, fertile, shrouded. Write the definitons in your Reading Folder.

2. The Author - Mary Pope Osborne

This author retells two myths that we will be reading. Use this site to see other books she has written. Do you recognize a popular series that she has written? How many of her books are you familiar with?

3. Review of myths, legends, folktales

Use this site to review literary terms that will be used in class.

4. Encyclopedia Mythica

Use this site to find a list of Greek and Roman gods/goddesses. It will also help in your search for specific mythological characters.

5. Classical Mythology - Made Easy

This site includes a side-by-side list of Roman and Greek mythological characters. When you click on a name, you can also choose a beginner, intermediate, or advanced reading level for the information.

6. ThinkQuest Greek Mythology

This site will give you more information about mythological characters. Find one character/creature from your small group stories and discuss what you find during small group discussion.

7. Winged Sandals

There are many things to do on this site! You need to click on the “Flash Version.” You can then navigate around the site by clicking on different ancient buildings. For this track, you need to navigate to “Storytime” and choose one of the myths to watch. Afterwards, retell the story to your family at home.

8. Greek and Roman Mythology

A LONG list of mythological names and descriptions and/or links to find more information.

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