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Track #6433: I'm Done.....Now What??
Annotated by: Helen Teague
1. The Day You Were Born

Enter your birthday at the bottom of the screen and discover the fascinating newspaper headlines on the day you were born, sports headlines for the year, and popular songs. Make some notes on your paper of the unique events surrounding your entrance into the world!

2. The Moon's Phase

What did the moon look like the day you were born? Were you a "Full Moon" baby or just a "Sliver" Enter your birthdate at this website and see! Enter your Favorite Relative's Birthday and compare your respective moons by sketching the two moons. Then, enter some famous days in history to see if the appearance of the moon may have affected history's course. Some to try: Titanic Sinking (4-15-1912), Pearl Harbor Day (12-07-1941). Need additional ideas? Visit the History Channel at http://www.historychannel.com/tdih/index.html.

3. What's In A Name?

What were they thinking when they named you? Find out at this website. Look up the meaning of your name. Then research the names of either four of your friends or four famous folks. Make a list of your findings then create a completely new name that includes parts of all the names you found. Make it as long as you would like!

4. How Old Are You?

We usually speak of age in years but do you know how old you are....in days? Who is the oldest student in your class. What about grandma? How many days old is she? Choose a few people you know or have read about, enter their birthdays and watch the days add up. Then, graph the results for your teacher to see (Try an Excel Spreadsheet for Advanced Students.) (HINT: Do not enter your teacher's birthday. They have enough bad news to deal with already!)

5. How Long Could You Live?

Now that you know how long you have been around, how much longer do you plan to stay? Check out the questions on the longevity test. Make a note of the results for your teacher. BEWARE: THIS SITE TAKES AWHILE TO LOAD.  Refer back often to this site to see if your results change over time.

6. Extra Name Links

Here is a very comprehensive site to find out about your first and last name.

7. Find Your Hawaiian Name

Scroll down this page to enter your name in English. Click "Find Your Name" and discover your Hawaiian name. {NOTE: Not all names are represented in this dictionary.}

8. Inflation Calculator

You've been working with your past memories, now check out the future. See what your salary for the future needs to be.


Now that you know what things are going to cost, you can work on the cost of living in your favorite cities. Choose at least 3 cities in the U.S. and 2 world-wide cities to chart the income needed to establish residency. Place your findings in a Spreadsheet and give to your teacher.

10. Outer Limits: Weight & Age

Enter the realm of outerspace while in cyberspace! Read the instructions on this page and add your planetary data to the growing database you are created about fascinating YOU! Another links to use is http://www.spacesociety.org/spaceexpress/Curriculum/Weight and http://www.enchantedlearning.com/cgi-bin/uncgi/elscalc/~/astronomy/ageresult.chtml

11. Brain POP

A great site to discover the secrets of fascinating topics. Scroll through the Movie listings. Choose the "Binary" movie, watch the movie and take the quiz that follows it. Record your score AND ALSO your binary age.

12. The OOPS Page

Check back to this site for more cool things to do when you're done! Updated frequently with other activities to do instead of Solitaire.!

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