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Track #245940: Medieval Life
Annotated by: S. Hermann
1. Manor Life

A- What were the 4 parts of a manor?

B- Why did the king offer nobles land?

C- What was the lowest class of people on a manor?

2. The Church

D- What was the main religion of the Middle Ages?

E- How did the Church get involved with government?

3. Castle Defense

F- This page lists some of the defenses built into a castle. Scroll through the bold words- these are the different defenses . Choose 3 to write and describe how they were used to defend the castle against attack. (Don’t just pick the first 3- get a variety!)

4. Castle Life

G- Describe 4 forms of entertainment in or around the castle.

H- What events occurred at tournaments?

5. Chivalry

I- What was chivalry?

J- What did 13th Century rules of chivalry say about how men should treat women.

6. Medieval Food

K- Describe the food diet of the nobles (lords)?

L- Describe the diet of the peasant (serf) class?

M- Compare these two diets. Why do you think the serfs would have loved to visit the manor house or castle?

7. Everyday Life

N- On the left are 9 topics of everyday Life.   Choose one you are interested in learning about, and then click on it.  From that new webpage, detail 5 facts or descriptions for that topic. ***Don’t be skimpy with your descriptions- ***

O- Scroll down & click on LITERATURE.  Once there, there will be 5 other sub-links about Literature. Explore these sites to find the following information:   

            -how were books made?

-what role did monks have with literature?

            -the most popular specific literature titles(masterpieces)

            -Who was Johan Gutenberg? How did he influence history and our development?

8. Castle Attack Game!

The trebuchet was a catapult weapon that flung heavy rocks- similar to the effects of a cannon. Click on Play Destroy the Castle, to see if you have the strategy to succeed in attacking a castle.

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