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Track #180316: Rocky Mountain Environment
Annotated by: Scott Bouslough
1. Rocky Mountain Wildlife

You are a detective. Your job is to see how different animals have adapted to their environment.
Click on the pictures of the moose, mountain goat, and grizzly bear to answer the questions on your lab sheet.

2. Plant Life

Hello detectives! Your job is to find information about plant life in a mountain environment. Please use this information to complete your lab sheet.

3. Birds

Good afternoon detectives!! Your job is to find information on birds and how they adapt to mountain environments. Use this information to complete questions on your lab sheet.

4. Rocky Mountain Climate

Welcome detectives! Your job is to find information on the climate of the Rocky Mountains. Use this information to answer questions in your lab sheet.

5. Mountain weather and hazards

Hello detectives. Use this Web site to find information about weather that is common to the Rocky Mountains and list some hazards of living in those mountains. Put the information you gathered on your lab sheet.

6. Fire - Friend or Enemy to the Mountains

Welcome detectives! Your job is to find out whether fire is a friend or enemy to the Rocky Mountains. Place the information you receive on your lab sheets.

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