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Extended Learning Questions


Extended learning questions cannot be answered by simply looking in the text of a Web site. Instead these questions instruct students to comprehend, apply, analyze, and evaluate what they’ve learned. This type of questioning makes students consider the content of their assignment, and helps them to explore different aspects, while simultaneously inspiring individual creative thought processes.

To create an Extended Learning Track, follow the examples below when writing questions in your annotations.

Comprehension: Organization and selection of facts and ideas

Retell _______in your own words.
What is the main idea of_______?

Application: Use of facts, rules, principles

How is _______an example of_______?
How is_______related to_______?
Why is_______ significant?

Analysis: Separation of the whole into component parts

What are the parts or features of _______?
Classify _______according to _______.
Outline/ diagram/ web _______.
How does _______compare/ contrast with _______?
What might happen if you combine _______with _______?
What solutions would you suggest for _______?

Evaluation: Development of opinions, judgments, or decisions
Do you agree with _______?
What do you think about _______?
What is the most important _______?
Prioritize _______.
How would you decide about _______?
What criteria would you use to assess _______?


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