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Ozone: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Track # 355931
Annotations by:  Karan Wood
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Middle (5-9)
High School (9-12)
Last Modified:
Jul 7, 2008
Extended learning
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Please visit The Clean Air Campaign web site at www.cleanaircampaign.com to download science lesson plans about air pollution, including the full text of this lesson: "Ozone: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" with Lab Report forms.

Designed for high school Biology or Environmental Science classes, students will learn about the layers of the atmosphere and label a diagram; distinguish between stratospheric ozone, which has beneficial effects and tropospheric or ground-level ozone, which has adverse effects; review maps including one showing the South American ozone hole; design and carry out investigations with ultraviolet detecting beads to show the important role of stratospheric ozone in protecting the Earth; make their own test strips to measure ground-level (tropospheric) ozone levels; simulate the formation of smog in a jar; research sources and causes of smog; identify potential solutions; and create visual displays to use in presenting solutions to the class. 

This track contains Web resources for the teacher to display to the class in the lesson's introduction, as well as Web sites for students to use in their research.

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