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Stayin' Alive: How Plants and Animals Adapt to Air Pollution or Die
Track # 377649
Annotations by:  Karan Wood
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Intermediate (3-4)
Middle (5-9)
Agricultural Science
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Mar 21, 2009
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What would happen to plants and animals if there were major changes in the environment, such as air pollution or global warming? Vulnerable organisms may sicken or even die. But if given enough time, those individuals who were a little different~ and whose differences helped them survive~ would have a better chance of living long enough to pass those characteristics on to their offspring. From generation to generation, a population begins to look more like the best survivors in its group, and less like those who did not live long enough to reproduce.

Explore the wild and wacky, infinite and inventive variety of adaptations that enable organisms to respond to environmental change and stay alive. For the lesson which accompanies this Trackstar Track, including students handouts and assessment rubric, go to The Clean Air Campaign Web site (http://www.cleanaircampaign.com/Kids-Schools/Lesson-Plans) and click on "Stayin' Alive!"
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