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Assessment: A Means To An End Or An End To A Means?
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Annotations by:  Rebecca Galardi
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Last Modified:
May 25, 2004
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 Track Description
Welcome to Lisa, Amy, & Becky's Psychology 210 TrackStar Site! We've put together a few links on the topic "Assessment" - How to evaluate students and facilitate learning. Take a look... we hope you enjoy this Track and find it helpful! Please also take a moment before class on Wed 9/25 to reflect on this question - Is assessment a means to an end or an end to a means? Incorporate the different ways you have been assessed in the past and be prepared to discuss. Also note we will sit in groups on Wednesday according to the grade levels we plan to teach for a class activity. (1)DCE/Pre-Sem - LEFT (2)Secondary - MIDDLE (3)Elementary/Early Ed - RIGHT
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