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Black History
Track # 18726
Annotations by:  Joanne Whitley
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Primary (K-2)
Social Sciences
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Aug 3, 2001
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At the beginning of Black History Month, a discussion with the students on black history is conducted. A display called "They Reach for the Stars," which features famous black Americans, is used as a springboard. Based on teacher observation throughout our discussion, it was found that students can only identify a few black sports figures and TV personalities. A Tennessee Curriculum Standard from Social Studies is: students will address historical events and trends in order to interpret historical information and put it in the context of past, present, and future. Another standard is: students will exhibit a knowledge of history identifying and describing major events, people, and trends. Many second grade students do not exhibit the knowledge to describe events in black history and cannot identify important black figures from both the past and present. By completing these units the learner will demonstrate an understanding of major events in Black History, research prominent Black Americans in different fields, discover that Black History and American History are woven together, learn how slaves were led to freedom, and understand that Martin Luther King worked peacefully to get equal rights for all. Higher order thinking skills are addressed in these units.
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