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Technology Centers for the Integrated Technology Classroom
Track # 22006
Annotations by:  Linda Bradford
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High School (9-12)
Last Modified:
Mar 24, 2000
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Many students are inefficient in research techniques and in reporting the results of a search. Through the unit "Technology Centers for the integrated Technology Classroom", the Internet will be introduced and students will learn how to use its major applications. Students will also develop an understanding and working knowledge of safe and appropriate computer and Internet use. Students will learn to work in groups and share information. Developing an understanding and working knowledge of the World Wide Web, email, newsgroups, mailing lists, FTP, telnet, search engines, archie, gopher, and HTML will help students achieve success in all areas. Learning centers will be set up for these areas with students in charge. They will become independent workers. Students will use, read and view media/technology and analyze content and concepts accurately. The students will use this technology to improve their problem solving and decision making skills and apply these skills to real world situations.
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