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13 Colonies Webquest
Track # 395122
Annotations by:  Sheila Chelstrom
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Middle (5-9)
Social Sciences
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Oct 27, 2009
 Track Description

Your expertise is needed immediately! We need historians to report on the 13 original colonies. The information you provide will be used to teach others about colonial times.

Select one of the thirteen original colonies to investigate:  Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland.  After analyzing your findings, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your colony's history.

The Task

 The task is to identify and make discoveries of the 13 original colonies. You will uncover this information through research. Your final report will include:

•Identification of the original colony
•The founders of the colony and the year it was founded
•Descriptions of why the colony was founded
•Econonmical characteristics of the colony
•Other important facts discovered about the colony
•Multimedia presentation

The Process

 1. Each team will select a colony to research.

2. Each expert must research and take notes on their colony.

3. Using the information sheet answer the questions below for your area of expertise.

1. Name the colony, the date founded, and the founder of the colony.

2. Description of why this colony was founded and where the settlers came from.

3. Explain the origin of the name and why the name was given to the colony.

4. What products were produced in your colony and what were the major industries? How did people earn their living?

5. Describe the geography of your colony.

6. Include other important facts you have found about the colony.


5. Once the Information Sheet has been completed, create a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint. Your presentation must include approximately 6 slides ranging for a duration of 3-5 minutes.

·         Title Slide - Name of colonies, years founded, and founders, your name(s), and posssibly a map

·         Slide 2 - Reasons founded and where settlers came from

·         Slide 3 - Origin of name and why the name was given

·         Slide 4 - Describe the products and industries of this colony

·         Slide 5- Describe the geography of your colony.

·         Slide 6 - Other important facts

·         You will then be required to make a Colonial Timeline using Inspiration'.  http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/revolution/rev-early.htm 


 Your teacher will discuss evaluation of your project with you.


You will have a better understanding of how the 13 original colonies were founded after completing this WebQuest.


Original webquest found at:millard.esu3.org/sandoz/connections/13_colonies.htm

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