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Key Pals Discuss Sarah, Plain and Tall
Track # 59017
Annotations by:  Marilyn Stringfield
 Track Category
Intermediate (3-4)
Language Arts
Social Sciences
Last Modified:
Jul 3, 2001
Extended learning
 Track Description
The stated learning gap is , “These third grade language arts students are unable to write competent, creative, interesting paragraphs, essays or reports.” There are numerous and varied activities in this track that will provide students with practice on using the writing process to proofread, edit, revise, and publish a competent written essay or report. Activities address the Tennessee Curriculum Frameworks Standard for Language Arts in Writing: Grades 3-5. The objective states, “The student will develop the structural and creative skills necessary to produce written language that can be read and interpreted by various audiences.” The links in this track will provide students with practice in “thinking of different ways to tell others what they’ve learned and increase students’ use of the Internet to collaborate on projects with students in other classes,” as addressed in the student and teacher surveys. Third grade students from two schools will read the book, Sarah, Plain and Tall. They will reflect on the literature in a response journal, and with help from a classroom friend, they will edit and revise their entries. These reflections will then be emailed to their key pal. Reflections will continue as the students read the book. Students will visit sites on the Internet which contain information about the author and the book. After completing the Trackstar, students will meet online for a video conference discussing their reflections on the book and on participating in this unit of study.
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