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Sing Down the Moon
Track # 64565
Annotations by:  Beth Hartsock
 Track Category
Intermediate (3-4)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Jan 3, 2002
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 Track Description
The stated learning gap is, “When asked to write an essay, paragraph, book review, etc., 4th grade language arts students often use incorrect grammar, no punctuation or capitalization, and use short, choppy sentences that lack creativity. Paragraphs lack topic sentence, supporting sentences & concluding sentences.” Activities in this unit will provide students with opportunities to practice writing competent, creative paragraphs which contain strong topic sentences, interesting detail sentences, and strong concluding sentences. There are also opportunities to make use the the steps of the writing process to proofread, edit, revise, and publish a finished paragraph that is free from errors in grammar and punctuation. Students will research Native American Tribes on Internet and organize thoughts in a written paragraph. Students will also write an essay comparing and contrasting the book and movie, Sing Down the Moon. Students will then share creative writing skills with other students through E-Mail. The students creative skills will be read and interpreted by various audiences. This Track will address the Tennessee Curriculum Frameworks objective for Language Arts which states, "The student will develop the structural and creative skills necessary to produce written language that can be read and interpreted by various audiences." This unit also provides students with the opportunity to “think of different ways to tell others what they’ve learned and to use the Internet as they use email to share their discoveries to collaborate with students in other classes,” as described in the teacher and student surveys.
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