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Logging in as a New User

If you are a new user, click on the Create an Account and Start Making Tracks on the TrackStar home page. The area of the screen looks like this:
Image of the registeration fields for a new user, including name, email, postal code, country, and password.

You will be directed to the TrackStar Login page. As a new user, you should fill in the lower form with your name, e-mail address, postal code, country, and password (with confirmation). When you have completed the form, click the Register button under the form, as shown in the image above.

This will take you to a confirmation page. On this page, click on Login to Make a Track. As shown in the image below, you will need to enter the email address and password you just used to register with, and then click the Login button.

This will take you to the My Account page, as shown below, where you can click on the Make a New Track button to start creating a Track.

Logging in as a Returning User

If you are a returning user then you just need to login to your account. To do this, click on the the Make or Edit a Track link on the TrackStar home page. As a returning author, you should fill in the top form by entering your email and password and then click on Login, shown below. This will take you to the My Account page.

Image of the TrackStar Login form for returning users.  Users must enter their email address and password. Login button is directly beneath the form.

The My Account Page

The My Account page, as shown below, offers the user many functions for maintaining and creating Tracks.

Image of the my accounts page which lists the user's Tracks, Messages, Account Information, TrackPack, and Track Group Collections.

This page lists the user's Track, Messages, Account Information, TrackPack, and Track Group. It also has buttons that allow the user to make a new Track and manage existing Tracks.

My Tracks

Under this section, you can find a list of all your Tracks. For example, in the image below you can see that this user has seven Tracks in her account.

This image shows a list of seven Tracks. Beside each Track is a list of the Track's status, and the date it was last modified.

Notice that each Track has an id number, title, status, and last date modified listed. You will want to pay close attention to the id number assigned to each of your Tracks. This number is the easiest way for your students to access the Track. To preview the Track you may click on the title of the Track. The status of your Track will be represented by a green, yellow, or red diamond. Green means that your Track has gone through the TrackStar review process and everything in your Track fits the TrackStar guidelines. Red means that your Track is not yet reviewed, but still able to be used. Yellow means that your Track is on hold, and you should refer to your messages in order to see what needs to be corrected. The last date modified shows the last time you or the TrackStar administrators edited the Track.

My Messages

In the My Messages center, you will receive alerts from the TrackStar Administrator. If one of your Tracks should be placed on hold, a message is automatically sent to your TrackStar account and to the email address you used when you registered with TrackStar. When you login you will then see the alert message, like the one in the image below.

Image of the Message center.  There is a Manage button in the right corner, and an email link to read the message.

To read the message, simply click on the title of the email. A new window will open and the email message will tell you exactly why the Track was placed on hold and what steps you may take to correct the error. The image below shows an example of an alert email.

Image of the new window that lists the reason the Track was placed on hold.

Once you have read the email and made the corrections, you can click on the Manage link, located in the upper right-hand corner of the message center. The manage page of the message center looks like the image below.

Image of manage page which lists Track title, date placed on hold.  Also has links to delete the message, and to contact TrackStar Administrator.

To view the alert message you can again just click on the subject of the message and a new window will open with the alert. Once you have corrected the Track, click the Contact TrackStar Administrator link in order to notify the TrackStar Administrator so that the hold can be released. Afterwards, click the Delete This Message to erase the alert from your message center.

Account Information

Your account information is also listed on the My Account page, as shown below.

Image of the account information section with a link to edit it.  It lists name, email address, and last login date.

If you need to update your information, click the Edit link. As shown in the image below, you may update your name, email address, postal code, Country, and password. Once you have made the corrections, click the Update button.

Image of the fields required if you want to edit your account information.  Requires name, email, zip code, country, password, and password confirmation.

My TrackPack

For more advanced TrackStar users, we offer a way to collect Web sites and annotations while you are out surfing the Internet. For more information on how to use TrackPack, please vist the TrackPack page.

Track Groups

TrackStar is a database of thousands of Tracks made by educators. You can use our search functions on the home page of TrackStar to find Tracks that fit your needs. Once you find these Tracks you can then group them together in collections in your own account. On the My Account page you can see an example list of this user's Track Groups.

Image of Track Groups.  This account lists English, High Learning, History, Math, and Science.  There is also a Manage link in the upper right-hand corner.

To start making your Track Groups, click on the Manage button, as shown in the image above. Click on Make New Track Collection. Enter the name of your collection. Then enter a code, which is an abbreviated or one word version of the name you just entered. You will need this code when you start adding Tracks to your collection. Enter a password and description. An example of a completed form is shown below.

Image of New Track Collection Form filled out.  It's named "Higher Learning" code is "HLearn" password is "compass" and description is "Tracks from all subject areas that include Higher Learning skill sets".

Click Add once you are finished. You will then receive confirmation that the collection has been added to your Track Groups. Click Manage Collections. This will take you to the Manage page as shown below.

Image of the manage page for collections.  Lists all collections made by that user along with Edit, Tracks, Delete buttons, the code of the collection, and the name of the collection. Also includes a Make New Track Collection button at the top.

On this page you can edit the collection information by clicking on the pencil icon. You can add Tracks to the collections by clicking on the paper icon. Delete the entire collection by clicking on the red "x" icon. This page also lists the code and name for each collection.

To add Tracks to your collection, you must first click on the paper icon. Then you will be taken to a page like in the image below.

This is an image of how to add a Track to a collection by putting in the id number and clicking the Add.

Enter the Track id number of the Track you would like to add to this collection, and then click Add. You will then receive a confirmation page. Click on Manage Collection Tracks to return to your Tracks listed in that collection, as shown in the image below. Notice that each Track in the Manage Collection Tracks page has a delete button to remove it from the collection. It also lists the Track id number, title and author, and on what date you added it to your collection.

This is an image of the Tracks in this collection.

Click Return to Manage Collections, circled in red in the image above, to add more collections and Tracks.

Make a Track

On the My Account page you can click the Make New Track button to start creating a Track. For help with the Track creation process, please visit our Making a Track page.

Manage Tracks

To manage or edit your Tracks, click on the Manage Tracks button. If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to manage your Tracks, please visit our Editing a Track page.


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