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Native Americans - The First Americans
Track # 18103
Annotations by:  Donna Cagle
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Intermediate (3-4)
Social Sciences
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Mar 24, 2000
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My third grade students lack an awareness of Native American culture, language, and history. This was evident through class discussion and pre test of Native Americans where 80% of my students thought that all Native Americans spoke the same language, lived in the same dwellings ( teepees ), and were hunters by nature.Social Studies 3-5 Curriculum Framework Standard 1 states: Students will exhibit a knowledge of history identifying and describing major events, people, and trends.Computer Technology: Literacy and Usage Grades 3-5 Standard 5. The student will use a variety of technologies to improve classroom learning, increase productivity, and support creativiy.Language Arts curriculum Gramework states: The student will develop the structural and creative skills necessary to produce written language that can be read and interpreted by various audiences. The learning objectives for this unit are: 1. The students will know that there are many tribes of Native Americans and that they differ from each other. Teacher Survey #6. 2. The student will use their knowledge of Native Americans naming practices to select a nature name for themselves. Teacher Survey #9. 3. The students will be able to name the seven clans of the Cherokee and describe their society. Teacher Survey #17. 4. The student will write, revise, and illustrate a legend explaining a phenomenon in the natural world. Teacher Survey #15. 5. The student will read a summary of Sioux History and compare it to the Cherokee. Teacher Survey #15. Learning Expectations included from the Tennessee Curriculum Framework are: The student will identify people who lived in the United States prior to exploration and colonization and the students will experience and develop interest in literature which includes multicultural, gender, and ethnic diversity. The objectives in this unit addresses the Curriculum Standards as well as the learning expectations.
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