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Diverse Art
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Annotations by:  Ross Hines
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High School (9-12)
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Oct 2, 2006
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This track has been created to help Oklahoma high school students explore the five census recongnized cultures in the state.  Every attempt is made to try and cross-referance other cultures and the affects that they have had on each other in the modern era.  These tracks meet the Oklahoma PASS objective standards as listed:

Oklahoma PASS Skill Objectives

Standard 2: Visual Art History and Culture - The student will recognize the development of visual art from an historical and cultural perspective.

1. PROFICIENT: Analyze a work of art within its cultural and historical context.

ADVANCED: Analyze common characteristics of works of art and artifacts across time and among cultural groups to analyze and identify influences.

2. PROFICIENT: Describe the basic ideas underlying several major art movements or historical periods including: Ancient (Egyptian, Greek and Roman),

Renaissance, Impressionism/Post-Impressionism and 20th Century.

ADVANCED: Analyze issues related to chronology and discuss or debate these issues in relation to historical perspective.

3. PROFICIENT: Compare cultural and ethnic art forms throughout the world that have influenced visual art

ADVANCED: Assign works time-periods or movements based upon style.






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